AA-1105: Possible Data Integrity Issues on Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology 2 with NCQ-Enabled SATA Drives





What should I be aware of?

Intel has found an issue on the Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology 2 (ESRT2) drivers that might cause data corruption when the controller is under simultaneous heavy I/O and non-I/O workloads. The issue impacts ALL versions of the driver released previous to v17.01.2016.0216.

Which drives are affected?

You can only reproduce this issue on Native Command Queuing (NCQ)-enabled SATA drives. Non-NCQ SATA drives and the SAS drives are not affected.

For command queuing to function, SATA drives that support the NCQ function must be connected to a host adapter, server BIOS (Advanced Controller Host Interface (AHCI)), and ICH chipset that also support the function.

How do I fix it?

Intel has removed Windows* and Linux* ESRT2 drivers, replacing them with drivers that address the issue. Intel recommends that you update to v17.01.2016.0216 and above.

For a description of NCQ, see the Native Command Queuing article

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Date: April 2016

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