General Information about Intel Corporation: What Are Intel's Purpose, Commitments, Values, Vision, and Brand?


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See how Intel shapes the future of technology in our company overview page which includes more information on:

  • Our Purpose: We create world-changing technology that improves the life of every person on the planet.
  • In Driving Innovation: We believe that data is dramatically shaping the future of all humankind.
  • On Delivering on Commitments: Our customers’ success is our obsession. We promise to deliver the technology leadership and reliable, top-quality products they need and expect.
  • Our Values: Customer First, Fearless Innovation, Results Driven, One Intel, Inclusion, Quality and Integrity — guide how we make decisions, treat each other, serve our customers to achieve their goals, and shape technology as a force for good. We are united by our purpose and driven by our values to achieve our ambitions and help our customers succeed.
  • Global Impact: We are applying our reach, scale, and resources to deliver on bold goals. And we’re not doing it alone: We work with our customers and galvanize the industry for even greater impact.
  • Our Brand: We believe in doing something wonderful. And to us, wonderful is making technology that can enrich the lives of every person on earth. That’s at the heart of our new brand message and identity. Because all you need is an idea and Intel Inside to go off and do something wonderful.
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