LEDs May Not Indicate Drive Failure or RAID Status for Intel® Server System SR1630HGP or SR1630HGPRX





The hard disk drive (HDD) Activity LEDs may not indicate drive failure or RAID status on the Intel® Server System SR1630HGP or SR1630HGPRX, when RAID is enabled and SATA cables are plugged into ports 0, 1, and 2.

To correctly show activity, use SATA ports 3, 4, and 5.

Table 1: Normal Operation


Status LED Definition


HDD Activity


HDD Failure (failing, rebuilding)


Figure 1: LED Location

LED Location

Figure 2: SATA Port Location

SATA Port Location

Figure 3: Moving SATA Cables

Moving SATA Cables

For top cover disassembly procedure, please refer to Intel® Server System SR1630HGP Quick Start User’s Guide.

For Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology II mode configuration, please refer to the Intel® RAID software user’s guide.