Product Board Assembly (PBA) Numbers for Intel® Server Board SE7520BD2/SE7520BD2D2


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The Intel® Server Board SE7520BD2 uses DDR 266/333 memory technology: 


Product Code PBA Number
SE7520BD2SCSI C44686-xxx
SE7520BD2SATA C44689-xxx
SE7520BD2V C44688-xxx


The Intel® Server Board SE7520BD2D2 uses DDR2-400 memory technology:


Product Code PBA Number
SE7520BD2SCSID2 D10350-xxx
SE7520BD2SATAD2 D10351-xxx
SE7520BD2VD2 D10352-xxx

The xxx refers to the board revision.

You can use two ways to locate the PBA number of the board:

  • The PBA number of the baseboard is on the white sticker attached to the board. The PBA number is in a 6-digit - 3-digit format.
  • You can also see the PBA number by accessing the BIOS configuration of the board.

    Follow these steps:
  1. Go to BIOS by pressing <F2>.
  2. Go to the System Management Sub Menu.
  3. The PBA number should be on the Server Board Part Number entry.