Use CmdTool2 to Enable Fault LED Function for Hardware Intel® RAID Controllers


Install & Setup



Drive Fault LED headers are on most hardware Intel® RAID Controllers. Each pair of Fault LED header pins, when connected by LED directly, can function to indicate drive fault status.

How do I use the fault LED function on hardware Intel® RAID Controllers?

You need to make sure the EnableLedHeader parameter inside the Intel® RAID Controller has the value 1. To ensure this value is 1, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the firmware update package
    The firmware update package includes CmdTool2 utility. The steps below use the DOS version of CmdTool2 as an example.

  2. Unzip the package. Put the CmdTool2\DOS directory onto a DOS bootable USB key.

  3. Create an update.txt file that contains only the following line: enableLedHeader = 1

  4. Copy this update.txt file to the directory in the USB key, where the DOS version CmdTool2.exe utility is located. In this example, CmdTool2.exe should be in \CmdTool2\DOS directory.

  5. Start the Intel® Server System from the DOS bootable USB key. In the DOS environment, go to the CmdTool2.exe directory. Execute the command: CmdTool2 -adpsettings read -f update.txt -a0

  6. Make sure the command runs successfully with the return code Exit 0x00. Shut down the system. Remove the AC power cable for 20 seconds, and then reconnect the power cable and power on the system. The Fault LED header is now enabled.