2.5-inch Hard Drive Carrier Kit Installation Guide for the Intel® Server Chassis or Intel® Server System


Install & Setup



This document provides instructions for installing the AXX25DRVADPTR accessory kit.

Use the instructions in this hard drive carrier kit installation guide to assemble a 2.5-inch hard drive into the carrier kit and then install into a 3.5-inch hard drive hot swap bay in the Intel® Server Chassis and Intel® Server System.

Refer to your Intel® Server System user guide or service guide for how to install a hot swap hard drive carrier into the system.

Refer to the compatible Intel® chassis and system list.

Refer to your Intel® Server Board documentation to determine SSD/SAS/SATA support for your Intel® Server System. If you want to use your SSD/SAS/SATA drives for a RAID configuration, you may need to install a RAID add-in card. Refer to your Intel® Server Board documentation or your RAID card documentation for additional installation instructions and requirements.

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Date: August 2009