PCIe* Gen 3 Adapter Support for Intel® Server Board Product Families


Install & Setup



The table lists PCIe* Gen 3 add-in adapters supported by server platforms based on Intel® Server Boards with the Intel® S4600/S2600/S2400/S1600/S1400 Chipset.

Vendor Model Platform BIOS
Adaptec 72405e, 71605e, 71685, 78165 All except S4600LH2/LT2 R2.02.0002 and later
Intel RCS25ZB040, RCS25ZB040LX, RS25AB080, RS25DB080, RS25SB008, RS25NB008, RS3WC080, RS3GC008, RS3FC044, RS3UC080, RS3DC040, RS3DC080 All except S4600LH2/LT2 R2.02.0002 and later
Intel RMS25CB040, RMS25CB080, RMT3CB080 S2600GZ, S2600GL only R02.01.0002 and later
Intel RMS25JB040, RMS25JB080 S2600GZ, S2600GL only R2.02.0002 and later
Intel RMS25LB S2600JF, S2600JFQ, S2600JFP, S2600WP, S2600WPQ, S2600WPF only R02.01.0002 and later
Intel RMS25LB080 S1600JP4, S1600JP2 only R02.01.0002 and later
LSI 9270-8i, 9286-8e, 9286CV-8e, 9286CV-8eCC, 9300-4i, 9300-4i4e, 9300-8e, 9300-8i, 9310-8i, 9311-4i4e, 9311-8i, 9341-4i, 9341-8i, 9361-4i, 9361-8i, NMR8100-4i, NMR8110-4i, NMR8120-4i All except S4600LH2/LT2 R2.02.0002 and later
Mellanox Adapters based on Mellanox ConnectX*-3 Solutions. All R01.06.0002 and later
PLX Technology PEX 8724 S4600LH2/LT2 only R01.07.0001 and later
QLogic QLE2672 S2600GZ, S2600GL R02.01.0002 and later


Notes To verify compatibility with a specific server board, see the Intel® Server Configurator Tool.
Devices that are not on the list are limited to run at PCIe* Gen 2. See TA-1021 for details.