How to Silence the Alarm on Intel® RAID Controllers





Note If the following solution doesn't work for you, refer to the Intel® RAID Software User Guide.

What are my options for silencing the alarm on Intel® RAID Controllers?

You can silence the alarm on Intel® RAID Controllers using the Intel® RAID Web Console. Under the Adapter operations you see two options:

  • Silence Alarm: Silences the alarm until a new fail state is found
  • Disable Alarm: Permanently disables the alarm until you enable it again

How do I disable the alarm in the BIOS?

  1. Reboot server.
  2. Access RAID BIOS when prompted using CTRL+R key.
  3. Move cursor to CTRL MGMT when RAID BIOS opens.
  4. Select enable under Alarm Control to have control on the alarm.
  5. A drop-down menu appears, which allows you to select disable to disable the alarm.
  6. RAID alarm is now disabled. Move down. Then click the Apply button.
  7. Exit RAID BIOS to reboot server.

You can also disable the alarm in the BIOS and refer to the alarm control: silence.

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