System Event Log (SEL) Viewer Utility User Guide for S7000FC4UR, X38MLST, S5400SF, S3200SH, S5500/S5520, and S3420GP





This version applies to S7000FC4UR, X38MLST, S5400SF, S3200SH, S5500/S5520, and S3420GP.

View the version for S1200, S1400, S1600, S2400, S2600, S4600


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The Intel® System Event Log (SEL) viewer utility user guide describes how to:

  • Install and launch the Intel® SEL viewer.
  • View the SEL records.
  • Save the SEL to a file.
  • Uninstall the SEL viewer.

File name: SEL_Viewer_User_Guide_E1246107.pdf
Size: 452 KB
Date: March 2010
Revision: 007


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