Reported Video Memory

Last Reviewed: 05-Feb-2016
Article ID: 000007143

The amount of video memory in your system is dependent on the amount of preallocated memory set for your system plus Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT). The amount of memory available in your system can be reported in multiple ways.

Video BIOS POST message
A video memory size message can display in the video BIOS splash or boot message. This message shows the amount of main system memory that is used solely for video BIOS purposes. DOS uses this memory for display. Video BIOS uses 1 MB or 8 MB, based on system BIOS settings. From the operating system perspective, this memory is removed from the system so that it is invisible. Example: A system that has 128 MB of memory, using an 8 MB setting in system BIOS, reports 120 MB of total system memory.

System BIOS POST message
During POST, some system BIOS displays the amount of Local Memory installed in the system. Local Memory can be 1 MB or 8 MB, depending on preallocated memory.

Windows* Display Adapter property page
When the Adapter tab is selected in Windows, the page displays the maximum amount of local, frame-buffer memory possible by the graphics device. This can be 32 MB, 64 MB, 128 MB, or 224 MB, depending on the memory you have in the system.

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