Age of Empires III* Runs with Low Frame Rates


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The Age of Empires III* game can run with low frame rates (FPS or frames per second).

To work around this issue on platforms with the Mobile Intel® 945GM Express Chipset family, set the Shader Quality setting in the game to Medium or Low.

On platforms with the Intel® G965 Express Chipset or the Mobile Intel® GM965 Express Chipset, you can resolve this issue by using the recommended game setting values listed below with the latest version of the Intel® graphics driver.

Based on extensive testing, Intel suggests using the following game setting values for an optimal experience on this game:

Display Settings

  • Windowed Mode disabled
  • Video Resolution 1024x768
  • Bit Depth 16
  • Refresh Rate 75
  • Vsync Disabled
  • Anti-Alias Quality Off

Shader Settings

  • Shader Quality Medium
  • Shadow Quality Off
  • Water Reflections enabled
  • Bloom Effect enabled

Detail Settings

  • High-Poly Models disabled
  • Terrain Detail Objects enabled
  • Particle Quality Normal
  • Tracer Effects disabled
  • Obscured Unit Alpha 60
  • Footprints enabled

Texture Settings

  • Terrain Texture Quality Low
  • Model Texture Quality Low
  • Texture Filter Quality Low

See the driver README file for detailed driver installation instructions.

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