Where to Find Technical Information and Utilities for Intel® Processors


Product Information & Documentation



This document helps you find information about Intel® Processors, including tools, identification applications, technical documentation, and more. 

Product specifications and comparisons:

The Product Specifications and Comparisons tool is your source for specifications on Intel® Processors.

  • Select your Intel® Processor by using the main page's filter or by coming from another web site. You will then see a list of valid sSpec Numbers. Select your sSpec Number from this list, or reset the filters and click Filter On Selections. This gives you a list of all valid sSpec Numbers matching the criteria of your filter settings. To view technical spec information, click on the desired sSpec Number. This brings you to the details page. The tool then displays the technical spec information for that sSpec Number.

Features include:

  • Browse and filter by product.
  • Search for processors based on sSpec number, product order code, or processor number.
  • Filter based on features, technologies, package type, stepping, and more.
  • Format results into a printer friendly format.
  • Results page for specific sSpec number contains most commonly requested specifications and details.
  • Help with using the tool and understand the results.

Quick reference to processor package types:

Processor identification utilities:

Regulatory information:

  • Energy Star* Version 5.0: In 1992 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) expanded its voluntary program, called Energy Star*, to cover computers. The goal of the Energy Star program is to generate awareness of energy-saving capabilities, differentiate the market for more energy-efficient computers, and accelerate the market penetration of more energy-efficient technologies.
  • International Declarations of Conformity: The Declarations have been signed by persons authorized representing Intel Corporation in making regulatory declarations on behalf of business units, or on a regional representation basis.
  • Intel® Microprocessor export compliance metrics: On November 5, 2007, the United States Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) published amendments to the Export Administration Regulations 15 CFR, which resulted in the inclusion of the December 2006 Wassenaar Arrangement Plenary Agreement Implementation.

Boxed processor warranty information:

Technical documentation:

Technical documentation for Intel® Server and Workstation Processors

Technical documentation may require some understanding of what information is contained within the various documents and manuals available. Use the links below for descriptions of each technical documents available.

Product change notifications (PCN):

Search, view, and download Product Change Notifications (PCN) including Product Discontinuance Notifications, for Intel® products.

Features include:

  • Wide range of search criteria and ranges
  • Search results containing product family name, PCN number, and brief description
  • Results can be exported to Excel* or as a delimited tab file
  • Help section contains information to use the tool

Details expected in a standard Product Change Notice (PCN) include:

  • Change title
  • Date of publication
  • Key characteristics of the change(s)
  • Forecasted key milestones
  • Reason for the change(s)
  • Customer impact of the change(s) and recommended action(s)
  • Attachments, if any
  • Revision history

Server performance information:

Multi-processor performance:

  • Responsive performance with servers based on Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor 7000 Sequence for increased business responsiveness. With exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and reliability you can depend on, they're the best choice for virtualization and business-critical applications.
  • Performance overview
  • Server benchmarks
  • Virtualization

Dual-processor performance:

  • Select a server tuned to meet your most common IT requirements including high-performance and performance-per-watt with the Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor 5000 Sequence. You'll also get the headroom you need to consolidate applications onto fewer systems using the proven virtualization solutions built into these processors.
  • Performance overview

Single-processor performance: