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Intel® iSCSI Remote Boot overview

iSCSI uses your existing Ethernet infrastructure to connect to remote storage units using the SCSI protocol encapsulated in standard TCP/IP packets. Intel iSCSI Remote Boot enables PCI Express*-based Intel® Ethernet Server Adapters to boot from a remote iSCSI disk volume on an iSCSI-based storage area network (SAN).

Intel® iSCSI Remote Boot utility download

Download the latest version of Intel® Ethernet Connections boot utility.

The Intel® Ethernet Connections boot utility (BootUtil) is a utility that can be used to program the PCI option ROM on the flash memory of supported Intel PCI and PCI-Express-based network adapters, and to update configurations. BootUtil replaces existing utilities and provides the functionality of the older IBAUTIL, ISCSIUTL, LANUTIL, and FLAUTIL. BootUtil supports all the adapters supported by the previous utilities.

Note Updating the flash memory of the adapter using the Intel Ethernet Connections boot utility will overwrite any existing firmware image.

BootUtil allows the user to flash supported firmware to the adapter from the included master FLB file. This option ROM includes PXE, iSCSI, FCoE, and UEFI drivers, and the image is programmed to the flash memory at once. The Master FLB file (BOOTIMG.FLB) is the container for all the Intel® boot option ROMs. This file replaces the existing FLB files for iSCSI, PXE, FCoE, and EFI.

See BootUtil.txt for detailed instructions on using the utility.

Use the Latest Intel® Ethernet drivers and Intel® Ethernet Software
Intel recommends that you update your Intel® Network Adapter drivers and software to the latest version.

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