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Intel® Small Business Advantage provides an out-of-the-box hardware-based security and productivity suite designed for small-business users with unmanaged IT.

Intel Small Business Advantage helps small businesses to maximize the value of their devices and simplifies their working lives. Intel Small Business Advantage offers a server-like solution without a server. No special configuration is required to use Intel Small Business Advantage. Intel Small Business Advantage brings a consistent experience and seamless collaboration between team members. It allows a business to create a business identity and associate people and devices to it.

You can install the Intel Small Business Advantage companion app on legacy systems to use collaboration features, like Chat, File Share, and Screen Share. By using the companion app, you are connected to all of their non-Intel Small Business Advantage devices. Windows*, Android*, and iOS* support the companion app.

The Intel Small Business Advantage Family includes:

(Small Business Advantage)
A combination of hardware and software usage focused on security and productivity. SBA supports chat, file sharing, screen sharing, USB Blocker, Software Monitor, Backup, and Health Center.
(Small Business Basics)
Delivers out-of-the-box software value to Skylake platforms. SBB supports chat, file sharing, screen sharing, Business User and Management, and USB Blocker.
(Small Business Companion)
Keeps you connected to the business across all of their non-SBA devices with collaboration features like chat, file share, and screen share. Supported on Windows*, Android*, and iOS*.

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