Update Your Wi-Fi Adapter Driver and Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software

Last Reviewed: 04-Oct-2017
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Before you update your driver or software
Your computer manufacturer can customize drivers and software to enable or alter features, or provide improved operation on your computer. Contact the manufacturer for the latest updates and technical support information.

Update your Wi-Fi driver and software using one of the following methods:

  • Option 1: Use the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant

    The easiest way to update your Wi-Fi driver and software is to download and install the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant. This tool identifies your adapter and updates your driver to the latest version, if needed.

  • Option 2: Manually download your driver
    1. Before downloading your driver, you need to know your Intel® Wireless Adapter and driver version number.
    2. Manually download your driver.
    3. After you have the software on your hard drive, double-click the executable. For older drivers in a ZIP file, extract the compressed files to a folder on your computer and double-click the EXE.
    4. Follow the Installation Wizard through the installation process.
    Note When you update Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software, the driver is also updated by default.
    1. During the installation process, you must choose between the Install (install with default settings, which we recommend) or Customize options. See the Installation Process for Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software for further details about Customize installation.
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