Generative AI Policy

Dear Suppliers, Generative AI is an emerging technology with great promise of streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. But, as with any technology, if not properly used, configured, managed, or secured, there’s a potential to introduce security, data privacy, and confidential information risks (such as data leaks or misuse of data). Therefore, it is essential to adhere to Intel’s Supplier Policies and Expectations when using Generative AI as it relates to your business processes conducted with Intel. Before using any Generative AI tool for work as it relates to Intel information, please review the below guidance: Do NOT • Put any Intel Confidential or Intel Top Secret data, including software code or extracts from contracts or sensitive documents into the application, including in the questions or prompts you enter. • Put any Intel personal data into the application. • Put any third-party confidential information provided by Intel into the application. Please check back often as these details are updated frequently as more is learned in this developing space. If any sensitive Intel-related information (as described above) is entered into a Generative AI tool, we require that you (the supplier) contact your Intel Commodity or Account Managers immediately with a copy to Intel’s IP Program Office at, and provide the relevant details. Intel Supply Chain Risk Management ©2023 Intel Corporation Intel Corporation, 2200 Mission College Blvd., M/S RNB4-145, Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA