SEIMS Manage Documents

A Video on How to Manage Documents in Intel's Supplier EHS IP Management System (SEIMS).


Welcome to the segment of supplier training. The goal of this video is to walk you through the process of how to Manage Documents for a given product. Please note, suppliers are not able to delete their documents. A supplier can add new documents. Only Intel SEIMS Administrators are capable of deleting documents.

Select the Document quick link at the top of the screen, and the screen will scroll down so the Document section. To add a new document, select the Add button in the lower right hand corner of the section. Type in a brief description in the description field. Select the type of document being uploaded from the IFP document type dropdown list. Then select the ad file button in the lower right hand corner of the window.

Now browse for the file you'd like to upload. After you have the file selected, select the Open button. Now you can see the file is selected. The file name appears on the file name line in the window. Now select Upload File. As you can see the follows uploaded, and the document type is listed.

Now let's delete the document. Keep in mind, the danger here is that if you delete the document, there is no way to recover it. Select the Delete link. The confirmation here gives you a chance to reconsider deleting the product. If you're ready, select the confirm button. Otherwise, select the Cancel button. For training purposes, we will select the Confirm button.

As you can see our document is now deleted. As a reminder, you cannot delete the final document from an active product. You must deactivate the product in order to delete the final document. This concludes the segment of supplier training, which is how to Manage Documents for a Given Product.