SEIMS Activate-Inactivate Product

A Video on How to Activate-Inactivate a Product in Intel's Supplier EHS IP Management System (SEIMS).


Welcome to the segment of supplier training. The goal of this video is to walk you through the process of activating a product. We will cover two methods on how to activate and deactivate a product.

We will begin by selecting the Supplier Products link. The companies that you're associated with will appear in the company list. For training purposes, we will select the Intel Corp. Corporate Board of Directors. Select the company by clicking on the company name.

When the NDA list populates in the lower table on the screen, select the correct NDA by clicking on the NDA number. We will use NDA number 2884561.

As you can see 85437 product is currently active as indicated by the y in the active column. To deactivate this product, select the deactivate link. And then select the Confirm button. This product is now being deactivated.

As you can see, the N in the activate column indicates that the product is now inactivated. Now let's select the product and reactivate this product from within the Product Detail page.

If you look down below the product name, you can see that the state is inactive. Since this product is inactive, select Activate button, and then the Confirm button. This product is now being activated.

This concludes the segment of supplier training, which is activating and deactivating a product from the Product List page or the Product Details page.