PMSF File Properties Dialog Box

You open this dialog box by selecting a PMSF Data item in the Input files to convert list in the Convert Programming Files dialog box and clicking Properties.

Allows you to select the properties for the selected PMSF data item, a Partial-Mask SRAM Object File (.pmsf) Definition.

  • Compression—enables compression on PR bitstream
  • Enhanced compression—enables double compression on PR bitstream
  • Generate encrypted bitstream—generates encrypted independent bitstreams for base image and PR image. You can encrypt the PR image even if your base image has no encryption. Thus, the PR image can have a separate encryption key file (.ekp).
Note: Enabling this option automatically disables Compression and Enhanced compression. Conversely, enabling Compression or Enhanced compression automatically disables Generate encrypted bitstream.

If enabled, you must specify the following options:

  • Enable volatile security key
  • Use encryption lock file
  • Generate key programming file
  • Enabling the Use encryption lock file option requires that you import the encryption lock (.qlk) file generated from the base image.
  • Quartus® Prime Pro Edition does not support base encryption, if you configure the device using JTAG.