Partial-Mask SRAM Object File (.pmsf) Definition

A Partial-Mask SRAM Object file (.pmsf) is an intermediate file format that represents a partial reconfiguration bitstream. The .pmsf contains aggregated Mask Settings File (.msf) and SRAM Object file (.sof) data required to generate apartial reconfiguration bitstream Raw Binary file (.rbf).

When you license and enable PR bitstream security verification, the Programmer performs bit ownership, and signals peek, poke, and contention checks prior to PR bitstream generation. The Programmer must verify the PR persona private Partially Masked Settings File .pmsf file against the corresponding public Secure Mask Settings file (.smsf) to enable PR bitstream generation.

Note: PR bitstream security verification only supports Stratix® 10 and Agilex™ 7 devices. This feature requires a separate license and .qsf setting to enable, as ../../itw1547659286828.htm#itw1547659286828 describes.

You can generate the .pmsf in the Assembler during compilation after specifying the Assignments > Device > Device and Pin Options > Partial Reconfiguration > Generate Partial-Masked SOF files option. Alternatively, you can generate a .pmsf Convert Programming Files dialog box, or from the command line by typing quartus_cpf-p.The .pmsf is used to generate a partial reconfiguration bitstream Raw Binary file (.rbf) with the Convert Programming Files dialog box. Each PR region requires a .pmsf file for each of its implementations.