Simulator Support

The Intel® Quartus® Prime software supports specific EDA simulator versions for RTL and gate-level simulation.
Table 1. Supported Simulators
Vendor Simulator Version Platform
Aldec Active-HDL® 11.1 Windows® 32-bit only
Aldec Riviera-PRO® 2019.10 Windows, Linux, 64-bit only
Cadence Xcelium™ Parallel Simulator 20.09 Linux 64-bit only
Intel ModelSim® - Intel® FPGA Edition 2021.1 Windows, Linux, 32-bit only
Mentor Graphics® ModelSim® PE 2020.4 Windows 32-bit only
Mentor Graphics® ModelSim® SE 2020,4 Windows, Linux, 64-bit only
Mentor Graphics® QuestaSim® 2020.4 Windows, Linux, 64-bit only



2020.03-SP2 Linux 64-bit only