Trigger in

Allows you to enable the trigger input signal for the selected instance, and to specify a logic condition in the Pattern list to synchronize the trigger process to a signal from outside the programmable logic device (PLD). The trigger input signal can be a device Pin, Node from the design, signal in a different Instance in the design, or Hard Processor System (HPS) trigger out. You must use an unused input pin to connect the external signal to the Signal Tap Logic Analyzer trigger input signal. Only one trigger input signal type is accepted.

The default trigger input pin name, which you can change, is auto_stp_trigger_in_n by default, where n represents the instance number.

This option is configurable at runtime.

In the Pattern list, you can set the specified trigger input pin to recognize any of the following logic conditions:


Logic Condition

Node Condition Required for Trigger to Occur

Don't care

Doesn't matter





Falling Edge


Rising Edge


Either Edge

Rising or falling