Intel® Core™ Ultra Processors with Intel vPro® Platform Brief

A New Inflection Point in Business Computing.



The Intel vPro® Platform with Intel® Core™ Ultra Processors Changes How Businesses Use, Secure, and Manage Devices

The commercial PC market is propelled by premium computing solutions that drive user productivity and help service organizations protect and maintain devices. Corporations must empower mobile and hybrid workers while extracting value from artificial intelligence (AI) to improve business outcomes. Moreover, both public and private sectors must address sustainability initiatives pertaining to the full life cycle of computing fleets. An inflection point in computing architecture is needed to stay ahead of evolving requirements.

Introducing Intel® Core™ Ultra Processors

Intel® Core™ Ultra processors shape the future of commercial computing in four major ways:

Power Efficiency

The new product line features a holistic approach to power-efficiency that benefits mobile work. Substantial changes to the microarchitecture, manufacturing process, packaging technology, and power management software result in up to 40% lower processor power consumption for modern tasks such as video conferencing with a virtual camera.1

Artificial Intelligence

Intel Core Ultra processors incorporate an AI-optimized architecture that supports new user experiences and the next wave of commercial applications. The CPU, GPU, and the new neural processing unit (NPU) are all capable of executing AI tasks as directed by application developers. For example, elevated mobile collaboration is possible with support for AI assisted background blur, noise suppression, eye tracking, and picture framing. Intel Core Ultra processors are capable of up to 2.5x the AI inference performance per watt as compared to Intel’s previous mobile processor offering.2

Platform Protections

New enhancements help further reduce the attack surface of Intel Core Ultra notebooks. Intel® Threat Detection Technology now utilizes all compute engines, including the NPU, to bring AI-assisted anomaly detection to third party security software. In addition, the new Intel® Silicon Security Engine enables hardware-based authentication of system firmware. These security capabilities are supported on all processors within the Intel Core Ultra portfolio.

Device Management

Finally, Intel Core Ultra processor-based notebooks support Intel® Device Discovery – a new way for cloud services and tools to interact with Intel vPro® platforms and collect data that helps inform device management decisions. This is possible through the Intel® Innovation Platform Framework (Intel® IPF), a client-resident interface based on JavaScript Object Notation that incorporates plug-ins for various Intel platform features. Intel IPF becomes the new in-band management interface for Intel vPro platforms, enabling remote query of PCs which may respond with platform brand identity, features present, wear and tear history, and other datasets intended to increase the functionality of device management software and support AIOps.

Valuable, Versatile and Verified

A strong portfolio of security and manageability technologies and a brand verification program are the foundation of the Intel vPro platform3, which continues to deliver differentiated capabilities to organizations of all sizes.

Intel vPro® Enterprise systems offer:

  • Dynamic root of trust
  • System management mode (SMM) protections
  • Memory encryption with multi-key support
  • OS kernel protection
  • Out-of-band management with remote KVM control
  • Unique device identifier
  • Device history
  • In-band manageability plug-ins

Table 1 on the next page breaks down the new Intel Core Ultra processor portfolio, and Table 2 lists the key features of Intel vPro Enterprise and Intel vPro Essentials platforms.


The commercial PC market and computing architecture are both at an inflection point, where advancements in AI, power efficiency, security and device management are necessary to propel all industries. With Intel Core Ultra processors, the Intel vPro platform promises to deliver the next level computing experience that commercial users and service organizations require. For more information, please visit