Facial Recognition Privacy Notice

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Intel maintains a record of facial biometric templates from:

  •  Badge photos of current and former employees, contingent workers and privileged visitors
  • Other images and video footage captured in relation to security and safety incidents

The FR technology extracts a biometric template from live or recorded security camera footage which is then compared with our previously stored templates.

Intel uses FR technology to identify likely facial biometric template matches for the following purposes:

  • To restrict access to registered/authorized individuals to certain areas
  • To maintain safety and security of our campus and premises
  • To support the effective management of campus operations
  • To support investigations approved by Corporate Security and/or HR Legal
  • To identify and/or locate individuals in an emergency

The matches generated by the FR system may be handled and used by the following recipients for the reasons given above and generally to maintain a safe, secure and efficient campus operation:

  • Intel Corporate Security
  • Intel Human Resources
  • Intel Environmental Health and Safety

Intel will not share your information except where we are required to do so by law, for example with government bodies or law enforcement agencies.

For templates that serve as references for the FR technology:

  • Templates purged ten years after termination for workers leaving under normal conditions
  • Templates purged after 30 years for individuals who are denied access to Intel facilities

For temporary templates that are created from live or recorded video footage:

  • Templates purged after 31 days, in alignment to our security video retention guidelines