Login Help

You will need to provide your name, country/region of residence, and a valid work email. Later in the process, you will add information about your company to determine membership.

You need to first create an account and verify your work email. Once you activate the account through email verification, you can create a login and provide information on your company to establish membership with the Intel® Partner Alliance.

Your progress will be lost if you close the registration window before completing the first step and moving to the verification process. Refresh the page to start again. You may close the window after you have received your activation email.

If you have your activation email or have already created a log in, you can use the link in the email to continue the process or go to the Log In page.

If you have received the account activation email, and neither link in the email is working, you may contact customer support below.

If you have not received the email, please check your spam folder or use the link on the “Verify your email” prompt to resend it.

You need to use the work email you provided earlier as your username.

You will need to provide your company name, your company’s website, an estimate of the number of employees in your organization, your profession, and the business type of your company.

You can create a new company account from the “Confirm Company” page if you can’t find your company on the list.