Memory & Storage Moment 2020

At Intel’s Memory and Storage 2020 event on Dec. 16, the company highlighted six new memory and storage products to help customers meet the challenges of digital transformation, 5G, network transformation, artificial intelligence and the intelligent edge. Key to advancing innovation across memory and storage, Intel announced two new additions to its Intel® Optane™ Solid State Drive (SSD) series: the Intel® Optane™ SSD P5800X, the world’s fastest data center SSD, and the Intel® Optane™ Memory H20 for client, which features performance and mainstream productivity for gaming and content creation. Optane helps meet the needs of modern computing by bringing memory closer to the CPU. The company also revealed its intent to deliver its 3rd generation of Intel® Optane™ persistent memory (code-named “Crow Pass”) for cloud and enterprise customers.

Navin Shenoy, executive vice president and general manager of the Data Platforms Group and Alper Ilkbahar, general manager of the Intel Optane Group, provided details on the technology and innovations of the new products. Memory and storage continue to be a strategic investment delivering new capabilities in Intel’s platform offerings and delivering value to our customers.

Alper Ilkbahar Keynote: Alper Ilkbahar, vice president of the Data Platforms Group and general manager of the Intel Optane Group, welcomes attendees to Intel’s Memory and Storage Moment 2020. Ilkbahar highlights what to expect over the two-day event — Dec. 15-16, 2020 — including Intel’s vision and the importance of memory and storage technology.

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Navin Shenoy Keynote: Navin Shenoy, executive vice president and general manager of the Data Platform Group, shares his thoughts on the importance of advanced memory technologies, the new Intel Optane Group and how Intel’s game-changing portfolio will enable customers to move, store and process the world’s ever-increasing demand for data. » Watch Video Replay

Rob Crooke Keynote: Rob Crooke, senior vice president and general manager of the NAND Products & Solutions Group, shares new announcements about products based on 3D NAND technology for both the data center and client. He also talks about Intel’s agreement with SK hynix and his vision for innovation and technology leadership in the NAND industry. » Watch Video Replay

Frank Hady Keynote: Frank Hady, Intel Fellow and chief Optane systems architect, shares insights on the growing dissonance at a technology level between core count and accelerator workloads. He also discusses the common memory and storage hierarchy and how Intel Optane technology fills these critical platform needs. » Watch Video Replay

Supported by a broad ecosystem of OEMs, CSPs, OSVs and ISVs, Intel Optane persistent memory (PMem) is an innovative memory technology that bridges the gap between SSDs and DRAM. As PMem delivers a unique combination of affordable large capacity memory and support for data persistence, it can quickly improve performance, decrease cost and drive actionable insights. More than 200 of the Fortune 500 companies are in proof of concept (POC) or deployment, and over 85% of all POCs have moved to sale.

Intel Optane Persistent Memory 200 Series: A review of Intel Optane persistent memory solution on a DIMM, including product line, next generation, new eADR feature and customer adoption update.

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  • How Oracle Exadata and Intel Optane PMem Empower Enterprise Customers: Boeing turned to Oracle to help manage data growth. It adopted Oracle Exadata X8M powered by Intel Optane PMem to provide performance and productivity gains at a lower overall storage cost, and a smaller data center footprint. » Watch Video
  • Breaking Barriers with Alibaba Cloud and Intel Optane Technology: Alibaba Cloud is innovating its in-memory database Tair on Intel Optane PMem. It also achieves breakthrough latency, endurance and serviceability with PolarDB, Object Storage Service and iGraph on Intel Optane SSDs. » Watch Video
  • The Big Memory Revolution with MemVerge and Intel Optane Persistent Memory: Software defined memory is an innovative application of Intel Optane persistent memory. Learn how MemVerge is applying this technology to help customers unlock the potential of Intel Optane PMem. » Watch Video


  • VAST Data: VAST Data is introducing a paradigm shift in storage. It’s a vision of one universal storage — a single storage system that is cost-effective and big enough to throw all your data at it, but also is fast enough so that everything is accessible. » Watch Video
  • Fujifilm: Fujifilm Medical Solutions utilizes Intel technology for computing and storage performance improvements to increase radiologists’ diagnosis efficiency, to reduce the read and display times, and to increase the daily number of patients diagnosed. » Read the Case Study
  • Argonne National Labs: Argonne National Labs Director Rick Stevens envisions Aurora will provide unprecedented capability to integrate data analytics and simulation. » Watch Video
  • VMware vSAN: vSAN and VMware Cloud Foundation with Intel technologies help customers optimize their IT infrastructure. From processors to storage, Intel enables high-performance, effective utilization of infrastructure and efficient Day 2 operations. » Watch Video
  • China Mobile: China Mobile IoT’s OneNET Intelligent Edge Suite (OES), based on Intel high-performance hardware products, features open architecture, low latency, high security, and cloud-edge collaboration. » Read the Case Study

  • Intel Optane SSD P5800X: Introducing Intel Optane SSD P5800X — the world’s fastest data center SSD. In addition to leading IOPS performance, next gen Intel Optane technology continues to offer unparalled low latency, outstanding QoS and high endurance. » Watch Video
  • Intel SSD D7-P5510 & Intel SSD D5-P5316: Intel extends its 3D NAND leadership with the launch of Intel SSD D7-P5510 and introducing Intel SSD D5-P5316. The 1440-layer data center products accelerate cloud storage workloads and optimize warm storage. » Watch Video
  • “Crow Pass:” Intel will further strengthen and extend its unique memory and storage portfolio with its 3rd generation of Intel Optane persistent memory, code-named “Crow Pass” and in future Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (code-named “Sapphire Rapids.”)

  • I/O Storage Optimizations for ​New Media:​ Traditional storage methods do not unlock the full value of modern media. Learn about how Media Aware Storage Framework enables developers to optimize data placement across a range of storage environments. » Watch Video
  • Developers Insights to Optimize Storage Stacks for Intel Optane SSDs: The best hardware requires the best software to bring its benefits to all users. Learn about the Intel Optane SSD P5800X, and gain insights from top developers and researchers about how to take full advantage of its performance for your customers. » Watch Video
  • Developer Insights for Intel Optane Persistent Memory Programming: Persistent memory programming has challenges around cache flushing. Learn about the open standard programming model and eADR, a platform feature extending protection from the memory subsystem to the processor caches in the event of power failure. » Watch Video
  • Storage Innovations Driven by Intel Optane Persistent Memory: Learn how to use RDMA with Intel Optane persistent memory to increase performance and lower latency over TCP/IP based networks. Using Intel Optane PMem with DAOS software overcomes storage architecture bottlenecks and address at a byte level. » Watch Video
  • Real-world Benchmarking: Learn about storage benchmark workloads, how to design your workload, and how to evaluate the results from your storage tests. Also, learn some platform and power management tips and tricks when you are benchmarking. » Watch Video
  • Efficient I/O Interfaces for Next Gen Intel Optane SSDs: SPDK and io_uring​: SPDK and io_uring both accelerate IO interfaces. Now you can understand their key differences and see the performance of these amazing storage interfaces on Intel Optane SSD P5800X. » Watch Video
  • The Big Memory Revolution with MemVerge and Intel Optane Persistent Memory: Software-defined memory is an innovative application of Intel Optane persistent memory. Learn how MemVerge is applying this technology to help customers unlock the potential of Intel Optane PMem. » Watch Video
  • Expand System Memory and Improve System Performance Using Intel FPGAs and Intel Optane Persistent Memory: Combining Intel FPGA and Intel Optane PMem enables Intel FPGAs to access significantly larger densities of non-volatile memory. Use for applications using FPGAs as an accelerator and algorithms reliant upon lots of memory transfers. » Watch Video
  • Coherent Attached Acceleration Solutions Using Intel FPGAs: Intel FPGAs play a critical role in heterogeneous systems. This talk focuses on Intel coherent FPGA capabilities and they could help with tiered memory and storage architecture. A use case example with Intel Optane SSD and FPGAs will be discussed. » Watch Video

  • Accelerate Performance with Intel VROC-IC: Working with Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, Intel Optane SSDs with Intel VROC-IC remove the need for an HBA, helping to improve RAID performance and reduce cost. » Watch Video
  • Intel Optane SSD P5800X Optimizations with Glommio: Glauber Costa created Glommio, built on io_uring, to make it easier for developers to take advantage of Intel Optane SSD P5800X. » Watch Video
  • Intel Optane SSD P5800X Helps Columbia University Rethink IO: Asaf Cidon of Columbia University provides developer insights to optimize storage architectures for the performance of the next generation of Intel Optane SSDs. » Watch Video
  • Intel Technology Helps VAST Data Reimagine Storage: Using Intel Optane SSDs and Intel QLC 3D NAND SSDs, VAST Data architected a new approach to storage, delivering large amounts of accelerated, cost-optimized storage. » Watch Video
  • Lightbits Labs Uses Intel Optane Technology to Optimize Disaggregated Storage: A pioneer in NVMe-oF storage disaggregation, Lightbits Labs is partnering with Intel to optimize LightOS for Intel Optane technology. » Watch Video
  • Intel Optane Persistent Memory and RDMA: Data Persistence and Real-Time Replication: See a sample application from the Persistent Memory Developers Kit to show how remote persistent memory supports efficient data synchronization across servers. » Watch Video
  • Intel Optane Persistent Memory: Realistic Rendering of Large-scale Climate Data: Intel HPC platforms with Intel Optane PMem allow scientists the ability to see data over time in high visual fidelity delivered by raytracing and path tracing capabilities of Intel OSPRay. » Watch Video
  • Supercomputing with Intel Optane Persistent Memory: Fluid flow simulations and visualizations: An Intel HPC and Intel technology solution with ParaView 5.9 enables OpenFOAM Fluid flow simulations to run while simultaneously visualizing and performing temporal analysis of the data. » Watch Video
  • Intel Optane SSD P5800X results on SPDK and io_uring: Learn how to properly test Intel Optane SSD P5800X using SPDK and io_uring and see the performance comparison. » Watch Video
  • Nutanix uses SPDK with Intel Optane SSDs to Accelerate IO: Felipe Franciosi, technical director at Nutanix, discusses how it is using SPDK to optimize application performance with Intel Optane SSDs. » Watch Video
  • Computational Storage: Research from Intel Labs: Learn how “virtual objects” used in computational storage can be used to reduce network load, improve performance and free additional computing resources. » Watch Video
  • Compute-Near-Memory: Research from Intel Labs: Learn how compute-near-memory can help make future AI accelerators more efficient and adapt to workload characteristics of machine learning and deep learning algorithms. » Watch Video
  • Intel Technology Revolutionizes Memory and Storage: Understand the architectural differences between DRAM, NAND and 3D XPoint media found in Intel Optane Technology. Hear about the key technology benefits of Intel Optane technology. » Watch Video
  • MayaData use Intel Optane SSD P5800X to Optimize EBS: MayaData discusses its journey on NVMe to improve the performance of its Elastic Block Store (EBS) stack. » Watch Video
  • Advantages of Intel 3D NAND Floating Gate Technology: Intel chief 3D NAND architect Pranav Kalavade discusses the key differences between floating gate technology and charge trap 3D NAND technology. » Watch Video

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