You Make Us Stronger

Careers for Military Service Members and Veterans

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Welcome Veterans and those who still serve!
Here at Intel we value your experience; you have unique talents, unparalleled training, and know what it truly means to be a member of a team. 

"The feeling of camaraderie and team spirit at Intel Security reminds me of my unit in the Army." – Yvette, Intel Security, Professional Services Consultant

8% of Intel U.S. based employees have self-identified as military veterans representing the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy. They all contribute to the organization in a variety of business groups that include manufacturing, sales, human resources, information technology, and many others. 

Intel Arizona helped break a world record on Veterans Day—the most people doing pushups in the same location for one minute. Just another day at the office!

Intel Arizona had 941 people helping to set a new Guinness World record. Josh joined the Arizona group to honor his parents, both of whom attended the Air Force Academy.


You make us stronger

Intel also offers attractive benefits including Military Adjustment Pay to National Guard and Reservist employees who are called to Active Duty. 

"My service as a veteran is well recognized in that Intel will always have my back which is why they are a great employer for veterans in the Guard and Reserve" — John Burk, Army — Organizational Capability Partner

Our Intel Veterans’ LinkedIn group is an excellent resource to network with your peers and learn more about what’s trending at Intel.  If you want to continue being part of something amazing, we do too. Let's join forces—here, at Intel.

Military Hiring

Ready to launch your next career here with us?  We’re hiring military veterans right now! Your military training plus our Intel values equals a great match.

If you are interested in Manufacturing technician or Facilities technician opportunities, apply now!