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The Intel® AMT High Level Application Programming Interface (HLAPI) provides software developers with a simple interface to the Intel AMT features.

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  • Size: 2.9 MB
  • SHA1: 3849A5DE6139430522A9B084502979AE087DA906

Detailed Description

This release includes:

  • Support for Intel AMT connectivity over TLS with an option to accept a self-signed certificate. Using a self-signed certificate allows the developer to initially enable a TLS connection with untrusted self-signed certificates. When moving towards productization, the developer should switch to use certificates provided by a trusted certificate authority. In absence of deployment of a trusted certificate authority, the WSMAN AMTAuthenticate()command must be used to verify that the endpoint is authentic Intel AMT Firmware.
  • Bug fix: Added support for WPA3 wireless authentication method in the WiFi Configuration Samples
  • Bug fix in the HardwareAsset sample
  • Static code analysis fixes

Updated versions of these dlls:

  • imrsdk.dll
  • imrsdk_x64.dll
  • DotNetWSManClient.dll
  • IWSManClient.dll
  • Intel.Wsman.Scripting.dll
  • WebStorage.dll

Intel® Active Management Technology SDK Overview

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