Intel® AMT SDK



The Intel® AMT Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the necessary documentation, APIs, samples, and libraries to use the Intel AMT features.

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Detailed Description

This Intel AMT SDK release adds support for Raptor Lake platforms. The most significant modification was to add full TLS support to all the samples and infrastructures. This support includes the option to accept a self-signed certificate for the TLS connection. Using a self-signed certificate allows the developer to initially enable a TLS connection with untrusted self-signed certificates. When moving towards productization, the developer should switch to use certificates provided by a trusted certificate authority. In absence of deployment of a trusted certificate authority, the WSMAN AMTAuthenticate()command must be used to verify that the endpoint is authentic Intel AMT Firmware. The Intel vPro® Technology Module contains a new PowerShell cmdlet for obtaining Intel UPID information: Get-UniquePlatformIDFeatureInfo. More information about the new cmdlet can be found in the "Intel vPro Technology Module for Windows PowerShell Installation and User- Guide.pdf". The Intel® AMT High-level API module now supports WPA3 profiles: WPA3 SAE and WPA3 OWE.

The RedirectionLib module (IMRSDK.dll) has a fix for the following defect:

USB-R occasionally mounts UDF formatted image as CDFS. This bug impacted OS installations via USB-R.

This release includes additional bug fixes in the following modules:

  • Intel® AMT High-level API module
  • WS-ManagementCS module
  • Other modules have updated binaries.
  • Please see each module's release-notes for more details.

This AMT SDK release includes the following module versions:

  • MPS Module version
  • RmcpPing Module version
  • HostBasedSetup Module version
  • USBFile Module version
  • UserConsentTool Module version
  • WMI Provider_Scripts version
  • WS-ManagementCS Samples module version
  • WS-ManagementCPP Samples module version
  • Redirection Samples module version
  • Intel® AMT High-level API module version
  • WebStorage module version
  • WsmanLib module version
  • WS-ManagementCPP module version
  • WS-ManagementCS module version
  • RedirectionLib version
  • Intel vPro® Technology Module for Windows* PowerShell* version

Intel® Active Management Technology SDK Overview

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