Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Update Utility for Intel® Ethernet Adapters 700 Series—Windows*



This download record contains all files required to update the Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) update utility for Intel® Ethernet Adapters 710 Series for Windows*. (6.01)

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  • OS Independent
  • Size: 31 MB
  • SHA1: 6663702C76629BB74B43A55D9F255D49A37A7B19

Detailed Description


This package contains all files required to update the non-volatile memory (NVM) on the Intel® Ethernet Adapter in your system. It contains the NVM Update utility, configuration file, updated NVM binaries, and required driver files.

See the readme file for more information, such as limitations and prerequisites, UEFI requirements, and how to use a script.


Important Note  

Though v6_01 is included in the name (XL710_NVMUpdatePackage_v6_01_Windows.exe), the package contains version specific files for XL710/X710 Adapters (6.01) and XXV710 Adapters (6.02).


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