Intel® Server Board S2600WT BIOS and Firmware Update for EFI



Provides BIOS, ME Firmware, BMC Firmware, and FRUSDR updates. (R01.01.0027)

Available Downloads

  • OS Independent
  • Size: 42.7 MB
  • SHA1: 904CB89ED15F6E6DA888FACEA7EE872F65A75805

Detailed Description

This update package includes the following production-level system software updates and update utilities:

System BIOS: R01.01.0027
ME Firmware:
BMC Firmware: 01.53.11210
FRUSDR: 1.17
iFlash32.efi: Version 14.0 Build 12
fwpiaupd.efi: Version 14.0 Build 9
frusdr.efi: Version 14.0 Build 11

Supported products

Intel® Server Board S2600WT Family

Contact Intel for pre-production hardware support requirements.

Important notes

  • All updates provided in this package are installed using the embedded uEFI operating environment only. Don't modify any of the script files. The scripts as written will provide the most reliable update experience.
  • If for any reason the System BIOS, BMC Firmware, or FRU&SDR data need to be re-installed after the initial update has been performed, the package does include standalone script files that can be run individually. These files include: UpdALL.NSH, UpdBIOS.NSH, UpdME.NSH, UpdFD.NSH, UpdBMC.NSH, and UpdFRUSDR.NSH. Don't use these files until after the system has been updated initially using the STARTUP.NSH file.

Note: When updating the BMC Firmware using the BMC.NSH update script file, there is an interaction between the BMC flash and the BIOS USB drivers in this release that may cause random characters (usually the letter e) to appear in the command line after the BMC update has completed. A reboot after the BMC flash will clear this error.

System software requirements

To update the system software stack to the versions included in this update package, the system software stack currently installed on the target server system must meet the following or the update will fail:

  • System BIOS: Production version 01.01.0005 or later
  • ME Firmware: Production version or later
  • BMC Firmware: Production version 1.07.6909 or later

For pre-production hardware and software support requirements, contact Intel for details.

Update procedure

  1. Unzip the contents of the update package and copy all files to the root directory on a USB flash drive.
  2. Insert the USB flash drive to any available USB port on the server system to be updated.
  3. Power on the server. The system will automatically access the uEFI shell and begin the update process.


  1. If the files were copied to a folder other than the root, boot the server to the uEFI shell. You can access this through the BIOS setup utility during POST or through the Boot Menu accessed during POST.
  2. Run the map -r command in the uEFI shell to mount the USB flash drive.
  3. Run the fs0: command to change folders to the USB flash drive. The USB flash drive may also mount to fs1: depending on other installed devices. The number of fs# is dependent on the result of the map -r command.
  4. Change folders to the folder holding the update package files and manually start the Startup.nsh script file to start loading all updates.
  5. Reboot the system after the update process has successfully completed.

Advisory note

Whenever the system BIOS is updated, two BIOS images are installed: a primary image and a backup image. The backup image is loaded during the first system reboot after the primary BIOS image is updated. During the first system reboot, the screen will be blank for approximately two minutes while the backup BIOS image is being loaded. Don't power off or reboot the system during this time. A message will appear on the screen when the backup BIOS image update has completed.

Verifying updates

  1. During POST, hit the Key when prompted to access the BIOS Setup Utility.
  2. From the BIOS Setup Utility main menu, hit the key to load BIOS Defaults.
  3. At the MAIN menu, verify that the BIOS revision is correct.
  4. Move the cursor to the SERVER MANAGEMENT Menu.
  5. Move the cursor down to the SYSTEM INFORMATION Option and hit Enter.
  6. Verify that the BMC Firmware revision is correct.
  7. Verify that the SDR revision is correct.
  8. Verify that the ME Firmware revision is correct.
  9. Configure desired BIOS Option settings.
  10. Hit the F10 Key to save changes and Exit.

The System Software Update is Complete.


Don't interrupt or reboot or remove power from your system during the update process. Doing so may render your system inoperable.

Don't attempt to down rev the system software after loaded onto the system. Doing so may render your system inoperable.


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