Cryptography for Intel(R) Integrated Performance Primitives Developer Reference

ID 768738
Date 12/16/2022
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Functions for Building RSA System

You can use the primitives to build an RSA cryptographic system with the supplied randomized seed and stimulus. The function RSA_GenerateKeys generates key components for the desired RSA cryptographic system.

RSA Primitives and RSA-based schemes (RSA-OAEP Scheme Functions and RSA-SSA Scheme Functions) use IppsRSAPublicKeyState or IppsRSAPrivateKeyState context, which is initialized in a call to the RSA_InitPublicKey, RSA_InitPrivateKeyType1, or RSA_InitPrivateKeyType2 function, as an operational vehicle carrying the RSA public or private keys.


To provide minimum security, the length of the RSA modulus must be equal to or greater than 1024 bits.

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