Developer Guide

Intel® Developer Cloud for the Edge Container Playground

ID 772269
Date 9/27/2022

Intel® Developer Cloud for the Edge Container Playground

This guide is designed to help you get familiar with all the capabilities of the Intel® Developer Cloud for the Edge Container Playground. Use the Notes at the end of each section to try out working examples of each capability.


The Intel® Developer Cloud for the Edge Container Playground extension enables you to seamlessly develop, build and test cloud-native container applications on various target deployment hardware.

  • Intel® Xeon® and Intel® Core™ processors

  • Intel® Processor Graphics including Intel® Iris® Xe

The Container Playground can be used to securely test, optimize and enhance your applications before deploying your solution on a cloud service provider or locally on edge devices.


To get started, try out the full-stack reference implementations, configurable AI Solutions, notebooks to learn about OpenVINO™ API or use samples as building blocks for your custom solutions.


Use the JupyterLab environment to download, convert or optimize pre-trained models from supported deep learning frameworks with the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit.


Import your source code hosted in a git repository and build your container images directly from the application source or Dockerfiles.


Benchmark your existing container images imported from container registries. You can also test your multi-container solutions with docker-compose files and helm charts.

Get an overview using the Quick tour option.

  • Current release supports CPUs and integrated GPUs.