Fortran Debugger in Microsoft* Visual Studio 2017 Crashes: Does Not Show Arrays

Published: 10/12/2018  

Last Updated: 10/12/2018

By Devorah Hayman


Intel® Fortran Compiler for Windows 18.0 Update 4 (part of Parallel Studio XE 2018)

Intel® Fortran Compiler for Windows 19.0 Initial Release (part of Parallel Studio XE 2019)

Operating System:

Microsoft Windows 7* Pro (SP1), Microsoft Windows 10*, or Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (R2)*, Windows Server 2016

Problem description:

When debugging a Fortran program Microsoft* Visual Studio 2017 version 15.7.x or version 15.8.x crashes with the following error message:

 "A previous session terminated unexpectedly. Disabling extension Intel® Fortran Expression Evaluator might help prevent similar issues." 

In addition there is another issue that Fortran array values are not visible at a breakpoint:

Resolution Status:

The fixes will be available in Intel® Fortran Compiler for Windows 19.0 Update 1 (part of Parallel Studio XE 2019 Update 1). 


Follow these steps to install 'Intel® Fortran Expression Evaluator patch':

1. Uninstall the current version of Intel® Fortran Expression Evaluator :

  • From the main Microsoft* Visual Studio menu bar, click Tools → Extensions and Updates.
  • In the “Extensions and Updates” dialog, select Installed → Tools.
  • Select Intel® Fortran Expression Evaluator from the list and click “Uninstall”.

  • Restart Visual Studio.

2. Install the new version of Intel® Fortran Expression Evaluator :

  • Download and unzip attached file
    Download Now
  • Double click on the FEE_VSIX_v15.vsix installer.
  • Select Microsoft Visual Studio product installed on your system where you would like to install Intel Fortran Expression Evaluator extension for Visual Studio and click “Install”. 

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