Support Forums for Intel® Performance Libraries

Published: 08/17/2015  

Last Updated: 03/06/2017

By Chao Yu

Intel offers free forum-supported Intel® Performance Libraries as part of its mission to support innovation and impressive performance on Intel® architecture.

Access support forums for these libraries by clicking the corresponding links below:

Intel® Performance Libraries

Support Forums

Intel® Math Kernel Library
Popular, fast math library for Intel® and other compatible processors

Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives
An extensive library of image, signal, compression, and cryptography functions

Intel® Threading Building Blocks
A widely used C++ library for shared-memory parallel programming and heterogeneous computing

Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library
An industry-leading, easy-to-use performance library to boost machine learning and big-data analytics C++ and Java software solution for data analytics

Intel® MPI Library
A high-performance library for flexible, efficient, and scalable cluster messaging

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