Intel® oneAPI Toolkit Use in Containers and VMs

Published: 04/27/2021

Purpose of this Guide

Describe the use cases for machine and container images containing Intel® oneAPI toolkits and their components.

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Using Containers and VMs

Intel® oneAPI toolkits components may be used in containers and VMs. Common use cases include:

  • Create an image which includes the installation of Intel components in the build script. An example is using a Dockerfile to build a Docker image.
  • Create a container or VM with Intel components based on an image provided by Intel. An example is using the docker pull command to create a local image from Intel’s Docker hub.
  • Create a container or VM and install the Intel components within the container via yum, apt, or download from the Intel website.

Except where indicated, components in the Intel® oneAPI toolkits are not redistributable. Images containing the installed Intel components which are not redistributable must observe restrictions as prescribed in the EULA.

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