Intel® MPI Library Support for Amazon Web Services (AWS)* Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA)

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Updated 11/15/2019
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Intel® MPI Library 2019 Update 6 has added support for AWS* Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA).  This is done via a custom EFA provider in libfabric, which is available from AWS.  There are two methods for enabling Intel® MPI Library on EC2 instances:

  • Manual installation, following steps listed in the EFA documentation.
  • Utilize the AWS ParallelCluster orchestration tool.  This open source cluster management tool helps you to deploy and manage HPC clusters in the AWS cloud, and can automate installation ofr EFA and the Intel® MPI Library.  Intel® MPI Library is available in AWS ParallelCluster v2.5.0.  You can get started with AWS ParallelCluster here and enabling Intel® MPI Library here.

Once you have installed the provider, you will be able to use Intel® MPI Library following standard procedures (source and use mpirun).  The EFA provider will be automatically selected at runtime, this can be verified using I_MPI_DEBUG=1.