Intel® Compiler New Feature: BLOCK construct inside OpenMP* region

ID 659635
Updated 6/11/2018
Version Latest



The F2008 standard added the BLOCK/ENDBLOCK construct. Intel® Compiler 19.0 starts to support its use inside an OpenMP* parallel region, making it easier to write thread safe code.

Consider below example:

!$omp parallel shared (x) ! This 'x' will be shared
          real :: x = 2.          ! This 'x' will be private (block scope)
          real :: in_block        ! This 'in_block' will be private
          in_block = x            ! This is the private 'x'
   end block 
!$omp end parallel

Refer to the Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2019 Composer Edition product documentation for additional details.