Integration of the Intel® System Debugger into Eclipse*

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Updated 8/24/2016
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Eclipse* IDE Integration

The Eclipse* CDK, Eclipse* JRE and the Eclipse* CDT integrated development environment are not shipped with this package of the Intel® System Studio. The Eclipse* integration is automatically offered as one of the last steps of the installation process if you run or If you decide against integration during an earlier install, simply rerun the Intel® System Studio installer.

When asked point the installer to the installation directory of your Eclipse* install. Usually this would be /opt/eclipse/.

The prerequisites for successful Eclipse integration are:

1. Eclipse* 4.4 (Luna) – Eclipse* 4.6 (Neon)

2. Eclipse* CDT 8.4

3. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 7.0 (also called 1.7) or later.


Integrating the debuggers into Eclipse*

Remote debugging with using the Eclipse* IDE requires installation of the C\C++ Development Toolkit (CDT) ( as well as Remote System Explorer (RSE) plugins (http:\\\tm\downloads\). In addition RSE has to be configured from within Eclipse* to establish connection with the target hardware.

Integrating the Intel® System Debugger into Eclipse* and Wind River* Workbench*

To add Intel® System Debugger Eclipse* integration after full Intel® System Studio installation or to add the Intel® System Debugger launcher into Wind River* Workbench* this can be done from within Eclipse* by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the “Help > Install New Software “  entry in the pulldown menu
  2. Select “Add” and  “Local” in the following menus … 
  3. Browse to <ISS_INSTALL_PATH>/debugger/xdb/ide_plugins/dropins./debugger/eclipse (or ISS_INSTALL_PATH>\debugger\xdb\ide_plugins\dropins\debugger\eclipse on Windows*), where the default for ISS_INSTALL_PATH is /opt/intel/ (or C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\System Studio on Windows*).
  4. Import directory

  1. Define which debugger start-up to launch under “Launcher Options …”
  2. Launch Debugger