Intel® GPU Device Plugin

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Updated 11/25/2021
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Store, stream, transcode -- offline or real-time conferencing -- OTT, VOD, IPTV in Kubernetes*. The GPU device plug-in offloads the processing of computation-intensive workloads to GPU hardware.

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The GPU device plugin for Kubernetes supports Intel GVT-d device passthrough and acceleration, supporting GPUs of the following hardware families:

  • Integrated GPUs within Intel Core processors
  • Integrated GPUs within Intel Xeon processors
  • Intel Visual Compute Accelerator (Intel VCA)

The GPU plugin facilitates offloading the processing of computation intensive workloads to GPU hardware. There are two primary use cases:

  • hardware vendor-independent acceleration using the Intel Media SDK
  • OpenCL code tuned for high end Intel devices.

For example, the Intel Media SDK can offload video transcoding operations, and the OpenCL™ libraries can provide computation acceleration for Intel GPUs

For information on Intel GVT-g virtual GPU device passthrough (as opposed to full device passthrough), see this site.

Installation and Usage

To deploy the gpu plugin as a daemonset, you first need to build a container image for the plugin and ensure that is visible to your nodes.

Continue reading on how to deploy by hand.

Deploy via Device Plugin Operator

Demo Videos

Intel® GPU Device Plugin Demo Screencast