Open Active Management Technology Cloud Toolkit (Open AMT Cloud Toolkit)

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Updated 3/17/2022
Version 2022




The Open Active Management Technology Cloud Toolkit (Open AMT Cloud Toolkit) offers efficient and secure out-of-band (OOB) management of remote Intel vPro® Platforms that feature Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT).

With the toolkit, it is easier than ever for developers to leverage Intel® AMT. The toolkit features a microservice-based architecture and enables:

  • Intel AMT redirection use cases, such as Keyboard, Video, Mouse (KVM) control
  • Remote power actions such as Power On, Reset, Power Cycle, and more
  • Scaled deployments with Kubernetes* and Docker*
  • REST APIs for device-specific actions, OOB actions, and configuration management
  • A Sample Web UI, which can be used for proof-of-concept console development 

To explore the documentation, see Get Started.

To install the microservices as Docker containers, locally or in the cloud, select Configure & Download to download the software.  

Configure & Download

  • Time to Complete: Approximately 30 minutes
  • Programming Language: JavaScript*, JavaScript Object Notation* (JSON*), Go* Programming Language
  • Software Dependencies:
    • Docker
    • PostgreSQL*
    • Hashicorp Vault*
    • Kong API Gate*
    • React*
    • Angular*
    • Git*

Additional Dependencies

There are additional 3rd-party dependencies described in the package.json and go.mod files.

Target System Requirements

Intel vPro® Platforms

  • Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) Version 7.0 or newer

Secondary Device (Development System)

  • Windows® 10 or Ubuntu* 18.04 or newer
  • Docker

How It Works

As shown in Figure 1, Open AMT Cloud Toolkit high-level architecture consists of five components:

  1. Management Presence Server (MPS): A microservice that uses an Intel vPro® Platform feature, Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA), for enabling edge, cloud devices to maintain a persistent connection for out-of-band manageability features, such as power control or Keyboard, Video, Mouse (KVM) control.
  2. Remote Provisioning Server (RPS): A microservice that activates Intel® AMT platforms using predefined profiles and connects them to the MPS for manageability use cases.
  3. Remote Provisioning Client (RPC): A lightweight client application that communicates with the RPS server to activate Intel® AMT.
  4. UI Toolkit: A toolkit that includes prebuilt React components and a reference implementation web console. The React-based snippets simplify the task of adding complex manageability-related UI controls, such as the KVM, to a console.
  5. Sample Web UI: A web-based UI that demonstrates use cases of the UI Toolkit and the function and use of the toolkit's microservices.

Integrate the Open AMT Cloud Toolkit into new and existing management consoles, software solutions, and more.

Microservices and Architectural Components
Figure 1: High-Level Toolkit Architecture

Get Started

To install software on both the secondary device and the Intel vPro® platform, follow the steps in the Get Started documentation on GitHub*

To learn about the APIs, see documentation on SwaggerHub* for MPS and RPS.

Run the Application

The documentation provides a Tutorials section, which illustrates several use cases, including:

  • UI Toolkit Controls
  • REST API Calls
  • Scaling
  • Wireless Configuration

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