IoT Portal Device Management

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Updated 3/10/2022
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IoT Portal Device Management is a web application that interacts with Intel® In-Band Manageability to provide remote over-the-air (OTA) updates to IoT devices. It supports Firmware OTA (FOTA), Software OTA (SOTA), Application OTA (AOTA) and Configuration OTA (COTA). 

IoT device telemetry data is published to IoT Portal where you can view data in formatted charts. In addition, you can organize IoT devices by category and place them into multiple groups. 

Select Configure & Download to download IoT Portal Device Management from GitHub*.  

Configure & Download

Device Management Dashboard Screen

  • Time to Complete: Approximately 20 - 30 minutes
  • Programming Language: PHP*
  • Software: 
    • Docker*
    • Docker Compose*

Target System Requirements 

  • 6th to 11th Generation Intel® Core™ processors with Intel® Iris® Plus Graphics or Intel® HD Graphics
  • 2GHz or faster core speed 
  • 16GB RAM minimum recommended 
  • At least 64 GB of available disk space

How It Works 

IoT Portal Device Management has several containers running together to serve the web application, which includes NGINX*, Redis*, VerneMQ* MQTT broker, Laravel Horizon*, MySQL*, and a PHP IoT Portal web application container.  

  • IoT Portal container: A PHP web application that serves the user interface and API for the web application 
  • NGINX container: Forwards all incoming HTTP requests to the IoT Portal container for processing.
  • MySQL: Acts as the database.  
  • VerneMQ MQTT broker container: Acts as the MQTT broker and is responsible for handling all MQTT connections. 
  • Redis: Used as an in-memory data structure store for storing the job data.  
  • Laravel Horizon: A worker container for executing and dispatching OTA jobs to IoT devices.
Device Management with IoT Portal architecture diagram
Figure 1: Architecture Diagram


Get Started

Install IoT Portal Device Management

Select Configure & Download to download IoT Portal Device Management from GitHub.   

Configure & Download

To install software on the target device, follow the steps in the documentation on GitHub.

Run the Application

Refer to the Script Commands Reference section of the GitHub documentation, which provides several commands to run the application, including: 

  • Start all containers: start
  • Restart all containers: restart
  • Stop all containers: stop

Summary and Next Steps 

With this application, you have successfully installed a self-hosted IoT device management web application and can perform various over-the-air updates for the IoT devices that are onboarded. 

For the next step, try going to GitHub to learn how to integrate the IoT Portal adapter into Intel® In-Band Manageability Framework and onboard the device to the IoT Portal.

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