Get Started: Useful Packages and Modules (UPM)

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Updated 2/7/2020
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Useful Packages & Modules (UPM) is an open-source sensor library, and MIT licensed. It is available for download on GitHub* and on most major Linux* distributions. Follow the installations instructions below.

Download on GitHub

What's Included

  • UPM library
  • MRAA library
  • Code samples for over 400 sensors and actuators

Supported Platforms





Supported Operating Systems

  • Ubuntu* 16.04 LTS
  • Arch Linux*
  • openSUSE
  • Poky Linux
  • Wind River Pulsar* Linux*
  • Android Things*

Release Notes


UPM packages are provided for some of the major supported distributions, making it possible to install UPM and its dependencies without having to go through a full build.

Ubuntu Desktop or Server

MRAA and UPM are available through a Personal Package Archive (PPA) on Ubuntu.

Download | Installation Guide

To install the latest stable UPM version:

  1. Before running UPM applications on Ubuntu*, ensure that you have the run with sudo permission.
  2. Enter sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mraa/mraa
  3. Enter sudo apt-get update
  4. Enter sudo apt-get install libupm-dev libupm-java python-upm python3-upm node-upm upm-examples

Poky Linux

This Poky Linux build for Minnowboard is based on Yocto Project. 

Download Official Images 

To install the latest stable UPM version:

  1. Enter echo "src intel-iotdk" > /etc/opkg/intel-iotdk.conf
  2. Enter opkg update
  3. Enter opkg upgrade mraa upm

To install the development UPM version:

  1. Enter echo "src intelgalactic-dev" > /etc/opkg/intelgalactic-dev.conf
  2. Enter opkg update
  3. Enter opkg upgrade mraa upm

Wind River Pulsar* Linux*

Wind River Pulsar Linux now uses SmartPM* for software updates instead of the apt-get tool.

To install the latest stable UPM version:

  1. Enter smart channel -y --add upm_mraa_channel type=rpm-md name="MRAA/UPM" baseurl=

    Note For Pulsar 7, replace the baseurl with: baseurl=

  2. Enter smart update
  3. Enter smart install -y mraa upm

Wind River* Linux* 7 uses repositories and has a default update channel that includes MRAA and UPM. To install it, you only need to perform steps 2 and 3 in the previous instructions.