Open Source Media Framework - Linux* FFmpeg-VAAPI and FFmpeg-QSV Getting Started

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Updated 3/9/2022
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  1. FFmpeg* VAAPI/QSV Installation Environment
  2. FFmpeg-VAAPI/QSV Examples Command Lines
FFmpeg-VAAPI reference command lines:
FFmpeg-QSV reference command lines:


  1. FFmpeg-VAAPI/QSV sample source codes link
                (to find the line of "type = av_hwdevice_find_type_by_name(argv[1])", and to use "vaapi" as the input param for "argv[1]")


  2. FFmpeg-VAAPI/QSV reference link

        *FFmpeg official website:
        *FFmpeg Issue Tracking
            FFmpeg issue are tracking here
            The FFmpeg-vaapi and FFmpeg-qsv relative issues are monitored and listed here
        *FFmpeg official document:
            FFmpeg-vaapi wiki:
            FFmpeg-QSV wiki:
        *FFmpeg official mail list:


Linux Gstreamer-VAAPI and Gstreamer-MSDK Getting Started

  1. Gstreamer VAAPI/MSDK Installation Environment

  2. GStreamer-VAAPI/MSDK Command Line Examples

  3. Gstreamer-VAAPI/MSDK reference link

    *Gstreamer official website:
    *GStreamer Issue Tracking
       GStreamer-VAAPI issue are tracking here
       GStreamer-MSDK relative Issues are monitored and listed here
    *GStreamer official document:
       GStreamer-VAAPI wiki:
       GStreamer-MSDK wiki:



About decode latency, there are three parts which legally introduce latency in MediaSDK decoder (To see detail from the Link). The gstreamer-msdk and ffmpeg-qsv will call MediaSDK to do video acceleration, so there are same impact to gstreamer-msdk and ffmpeg-qsv.

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