Getting Started with Flow Graph Analyzer

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Updated 8/15/2017
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Flow Graph Analyzer in a Nutshell

Flow Graph Analyzer (FGA) is available as a in Intel® Parallel Studio XE and as a feature of Intel® Advisor (Starting with version 2018 as a technical preview). This new tool provides a convenient GUI based approach to design and analysis of parallel applications that rely on the Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) flow graph interface. The Intel® TBB library is a widely used C++ template library that provides features that enable developers to easily create parallel applications to take advantage of multicore architectures and heterogeneous systems. The flow graph interface was introduced to Intel TBB in 2011 to exploit parallelism at higher levels by providing efficient implementations of dependency graphs and data flow algorithms.

Main components of Flow Graph Analyzer

Flow Graph Analyzer consists of two main workflows and an auxiliary workflow that enable developers to design, validate, model, implement and analyze the graphs they build in this environment:

  • The design workflow is one of the main workflows and employs a drag and drop paradigm for interactively constructing Intel® TBB graphs.
  • The analyzer workflow is the analysis workflow and allows you as a developer to capture the performance data from running Intel® TBB flow graph applications.
  • The modeling workflow is available in limited capacity in the technology preview and supports just dependency graphs. Using this workflow between the design and analysis steps allows you to project the scalability of dependency graph and iteratively refine the graph topology to maximize scalable performance.

For more information, please see the article in Parallel Universe Magazine [1].

How to download, install and run Flow Graph Analyzer

Flow Graph Analyzer as a feature of Intel® Advisor will be available for download from the Intel® Registration Center.  From the list of products, go to the entry for Intel® Advisor XE, select your OS (Windows* or Linux*), and then proceed with corresponding download option. After downloading the package, complete the install of Intel Advisor. To start the Flow Graph Analyzer GUI execute "fga.exe" on Windows or "" on Linux.  

1. Vasanth Tovinkere, Pablo Reble, Farshad Akhbari, Palanivel Guruvareddiar, Driving Code Performance with  Intel® Advisor Flow Graph Analyzer, Parallel Universe Magazine issue 30