Code Sample: API Without Secrets: The Practical Approach to Vulkan*

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Updated 8/27/2018
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License: Intel Sample Source Code License Agreement
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OS: Windows*, Linux*
Hardware: Skylake+
(Programming Language, tool, IDE, Framework)
C++, Vulkan* API, Vulkan.hpp, CMake, stb_image, Dear ImGUI, Microsoft Visual Studio*, CMake
Prerequisites: Familiarity with the C++ programming language, knowledge in 3D graphics programming field (especially in Vulkan API), CMake facility.


Learn what resources are needed and how to organize them to efficiently generate and display a single frame of animation in the Vulkan API.

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The Practical Approach to Vulkan* - Preface


Pawel Lapinski, API without Secrets: Introduction to Vulkan

The Khronos Vulkan Working Group, Vulkan Specification

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Created July 11, 2018