Intel® Inspector Training Samples

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Updated 8/31/2020
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Training Samples

Learn how to use Intel® Inspector with prewritten sample code projects.


To install and set up the sample code:

  1. Share the compressed file on your system or copy it from the installation directory to a writable directory. Depending on your operating system, the default installation directory is either:
    • Intel® Inspector
      • Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools\Inspector\
      • Linux: /opt/intel/inspector/
    • Intel® Inspector Beta
      • Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\inteloneapi\inspector\<version>
      • Linux: /opt/intel/inteloneapi/inspector/<version>
  2. Extract the sample from the compressed file Its contents include a readme file (.txt format) that describes how to build the sample and fix issues.


  • Some sample applications have companion tutorials.
  • Depending on the system and other factors, your results and interface may differ from those shown in the tutorials.
  • The sample applications only illustrate Intel Inspector features and do not represent best practices for creating code.
Name Description
  • Summary: Display a rendered graphical image via 2D ray tracing by detecting memory and threading errors in a C++ application.

  • Data conflicts:

    • Memory leak

    • Invalid memory access

    • Mismatched memory allocation

    • Deallocation

    • Data race

  • Location: <install-dir>\samples\<locale>\C++\

  • Summary: Show an ABCDE banner on the command line by finding memory and threading errors in a C++ application.
  • Data conflicts:
    • Memory leak
    • Invalid memory access
    • Data race
  • Location: <install-dir>\samples\<locale>\C++\
  • Summary: Compute the number of solutions to the n-queens problem for a given board size by locating threading errors in a C# application.
  • Data conflict: Data race
  • Location: <install-dir>\samples\<locale>\C#\
  • Summary: Solve the n-queens problem for various board sizes by detecting threading and memory problems in a Fortran application.
  • Data conflicts:
    • Data race
    • Uninitialized memory access
    • Memory leak
  • Location: <install-dir>\samples\<locale>\Fortran\
  • Summary: Locate persistent memory problems in a C++ application with a database that reads and writes R data to persistent memory.
  • Location: <install-dir>\samples\<locale>\C++\pmem\
  • Summary: Write rending data to persistent memory with a 2D ray tracer (renderer).
  • Location: <install-dir>\samples\<locale>\C++\pmem\