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  • 2022.2
  • 04/11/2022
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Working with Code

Using Visual Studio Code* with Intel® oneAPI Toolkits
With the Analysis Configurator for Intel® oneAPI Toolkits* extension, VS Code will display tool tips when working with FPGA code. These tips include:
  • a description of the attribute
  • a link to more information about that attribute
  • suggestions for other attributes
To view tool tips and find out more about the attribute:
  1. Click on the line of code where you want to see a tool tip and keep your pointer over the code. A tool tip will display. In the example below, a description for the bank_bits attribute is appearing in the pop up window.
  2. For more details about this attribute, click the
    Learn more
    link in the VS Code pop up window.
To view suggestions for attributes:
  1. In your code, type
    . A list of available attributes will show as suggestions:
  2. Click on an attribute to add it to your code.

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