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  • 2022.3
  • 09/08/2022
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FPGA Development for Intel® oneAPI Toolkits with Visual Studio Code on Linux

You can integrate the Intel® oneAPI Base toolkit with Visual Studio (VS) Code on Linux* to support a seamless software development environment. You can use VS code for FPGA development in the same way you would use for CPU or GPU. The process is same for setting the oneAPI environment variables, launching VS Code, creating a project from a sample, and code editing.
FPGA development flow involves the following steps:
  1. Setting up the environment variables.
  2. Building and running the emulation image using the fast compile method.
  3. Generating and viewing the static HTML optimization report.
  4. Building and running an actual FPGA hardware image.
For more information about this workflow, refer to the FPGA Flow section in the
Intel® oneAPI Programming Guide


Download and install the following software:

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