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Debugging an OpenCL™ Application

Tutorial: Debugging with Intel® Distribution for GDB*
To debug OpenCL™ applications with Intel® Distribution for GDB*, make sure you use the following flags when calling the
  • -g -cl-opt-disable
    to enable the debug information and disable optimizations inside the kernel
  • -s <full_path_to_kernel.cl>
    to point to the kernel source file.
    This allows you to set a breakpoint in the following format:
    breakpoint kernel.cl:<line number>
Launch the debugger as follows:
gdb-oneapi <application>
To start debugging, you must set a pending breakpoint because the kernel source file is not known to the debugger yet:
set breakpoint pending on
break kernel.cl:<line number>
At runtime, the kernel sources are loaded to the debugger and the breakpoint is hit, both for CPU and GPU offloads.

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